Steam Workshop Tools

Free extension to help with steam workshop usage



This is a chrome extension made to aid in the usage of the Steam Workshop. I developed this as an aid to myself and thought I would release it to public as a free chrome extension. The extension is currently in beta so has limited features, although it developed actively.

(Will add more to this later)


Add items to collection on subscribeWhen on invdividual item page it will subscribe to requirements (if any)
More to come!



Install the extension on the chrome web store (click the text)


Find the ID of you collection

  1. Go to your steam profile (on web browser)
  2. Click on workshop items (right hand coloumn)
  3. Click on collections tab
  4. Go to the page of your collection
  5. Copy and paste the numbers after 'id=' in the URL (only the numbers or it will not work)

Setting the ID in options

  1. Click on the Steam Icon i nthe top right corner of chrome (this should bring up the options menu)
  2. Set your options as you see fit

That is all the configuration for now will add extra options in the future (plus I am planning to make a youtube video)